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At Fitz scientific, our UKAS Accredited (the equivalent of INAB accreditation, both are equally recognised and accepted) Food Microbiology  laboratory understands the requirements of its customers.  

Food Manufacturers and Processors are obliged to demonstrate due diligence at all times. Appropriate food microbial testing is one very important aspect of this.

Fitz is accredited for microbiological parameters including listeria, salmonella, enterococci, Stap.aureus, TVC and Coliforms on a range of products.

We have taken part in the Tesco Laboratory Approval Scheme (TLA) and have been awarded their approval for 1 year only commencing 2013. A decision to renew will be taken by Fitz Scientific annually.  Please confirm with Tesco our current approval status.

Fitz scientific are members of the Food Safety Professional Association (FSPA)

As well as microbiology we also undertake nutritional analysis, shelf life testing, calorie count content and all manner of other chemical testing on food. For a more comprehensive list contact us.

Legislation such as the EU Microbiological Criteria Regulations 2073/2005 demands that many foods must undergo statutory microbiology testing, so the services of a quality food testing laboratory are essential.

Fitz Scientific has long been associated with Environmental testing, initially gaining UKAS accreditation in 2005.

We are accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025:2005 and are accredited by them to carry out a wide range of testing and analysis on a variety of matrices to ISO 17025:2005. In a competitive market place, we retain expertise in food microbiology testing. 

We have comprehensive PT data where we can show our competency against a recognised proficiency scheme.

food quality testing services

Examples of testing we carry out are as follows: 

• Pathogens by detection
• Enumeration testing 
• Shelf Life testing 
• Environmental swabbing
• Potable water microbiology

In addition, we offer clients a refrigerated collection service throughout Ireland, results trending is available, as well as easy access to a laboratory personnel.

Fitz Scientific Supply the following Testing Services:

Please use the links below for further details about the Fitz Scientific testing services on offer and how we interpret the testing results.

• Enumeration Test Methods Service
• Presence and Absence Test Methods Service
• Interpreting Laboratory Results

For more information on any of the microbiological testing services available at Fitz Scientific please contact Brian or another member of the team today on 041 9845440 ext 1

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