Drink Analysis

brewery water testing

Fitz scientific offer an extensive range of water analysis services to the Bottled Water, Soft Drinks and Brewery industries throughout Ireland and the UK.

With over 10 years experience in the analysis of drinking water, process water, surface water, ground water and effluent analysis we have a state of the art laboratory and highly skilled technicians who deliver quality results on time, every time.

Fitz scientific undertakes analysis for most of the Irelands Drinks industry, helping them ensure they meet quality standards.

We offer very competitively priced packages covering requirements in a range of areas, such as Environmental, Occupational, and Food.  These are as follows;

weekly microbiological testing (coliforms, Ecoli and TVC's)

• metals suites ( effluent, discharge licences)

• drinking water analysis European Communities (Drinking Water)Regulations     2014 (SI 122 of 2014)

• TPHs, Petroleums, Hydrocarbons, Deisel.(surface water, groundwater)

• Mineral oil

• analysis and monitoring required under licencing (Discharge/IPPC/Waste).

Throughout the whole manufacturing process, we will partner with you from start to finish to provide excellent quality at a  very competitive price.

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