Environmental Services Association

We are founding members of the Environmental Services Association.  This Association represents the interests of environmental monitoring and testing organisations. The Association's primary objective is to promote the implementation of standardised monitoring and testing in Ireland. For further details go to


Source Testing Association

We are active members of the Source Testing Association. This Association promotes the highest quality standards in air emissions monitoring. The Association has been integral in the development of MCERTs air emissions testing. For further details go to




Food Safety Professionals Association

Fitz are proud members of The Food Safety Professionals Association.

Bringing together the best independent food safety/hygiene professionals in Ireland, the FSPA aims to improve standards of food safety advice and training available to the Irish food industry.on (FSPA) since 2013.




Fitz have been members of CRE for a number of years due to 

our strong involvment in testing compost and related material.This, non profit, organisation actively participates in policy working groups and acts as a forum to interested parties to discuss all aspects of composting and anaerobic digestion.

Cré is a member of the European Compost Network ( and the European Biogas Association.

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