Should you wish to order bottles or sample containers, please contact us on 041 9845440 and we will arrange bottles to be dispatched to you free of charge. All our bottle orders are accompanied with instructions, labels and chains of custody.

Correct Sample Bottles

Please ensure your sample is sampled in the correct sample bottle and that we have enough sample to carry out the analysis. If you are unsure, please click on the attached document for the correct sample bottles and volumes required for each type of analysis.

Sample Packing

It is critically important that you ensure you  bottles and samples are adequately packed. Assume the courier will knock it around in his van, so pack it with lots of bubble wrap or paper. Glass bottles will break if not properly packed. Also damaged water samples will cause serious damage to other packed items being delivered by the courier company.

Chain of Custody

All samples must be accompanied with a chain of custody. The chain of custody must be completed in full, together with your name and contact details. This will ensure we get your samples logged in correctly and we follow your instructions as required. It will also ensure analysis is carried out immediately on receipt.

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