Proficiency Schemes

Proficiency Schemes

Proficiency Schemes are an important tool in validating methods and ensuring testing procedures are fit for purpose. Proficiency schemes should be relevant to the method and matrix being analysed. Proficiency also ensures that the sample preparation methods are also fit for purpose. For any scheme, a sample matrix is sent for analysis with unknown concentrations of specific parameters. Fitz Scientific analyse these samples and report results to the proficiency scheme.

Proficiency is also an integral part and requirement to gain accreditation for a analytical procedure. Fitz Scientific participate in the following proficiency schemes:

Proficiency Scheme          


Aquacheck Water
QMS Food and Dairy Products
QMAS Meat and Fish
EPA Water
STACKS Air Impinger Solutions & Filters   
NPL Air Stack Monitoring
RTC Organic Analysis
QWAS Water Microbiology

For further details on the proficiency schemes we participate in and our performance, please contact our analytical services team, who will be happy to assist you. We look forward to being of service to you. Contact us today

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