Energy Audits or Surveys

An energy audit or survey is a review of how, why and when energy is used. The audit identifies energy use patterns, the potential for energy and cost savings and can include energy auditrecommendations for actions to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.
Fitz scientific offers independent energy audits with an end-to-end service. Our objective is to promote the efficient use of energy in every sector from the research and analysis needed to discover and define the key issues, right through to the development and delivery of the appropriate solutions.  Better use of energy will help cut your costs and protect the environment. 
Key aspects of an energy audit are:

  • Identification of energy consumption and cost 
  • Calculation of energy flows 
  • Provide recommendations for energy savings, with payback time
  •  Provide advice on current and anticipated legislation on fuel taxes 
  • Implement Energy Management Systems 

Our highly qualified field services team provide monitoring and reporting to;

  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels and Leisure Centres
  • Retail Services
  • Building Developments

We can also offer client BER assessments if required. Contact one of the team today for more information or your free quotation 00 353 41 984 5440

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